Geothermal Services & Client List

Wragg Well Drilling Geothermal Services division is the company of choice for homeowners, engineers, architects, heating contractors, and sustainable energy professionals all over the Northeast. We support some of the finest and most experienced geothermal heating contractors in the area and provide consulting to engineers and architects on geothermal projects throughout the CT, NY, MA, & RI area.

Our company takes great pride in the array of geothermal services we provide. From our drilling crews, to our grout units, all the way to our expert fusion pipe installers, every facet of your geothermal ground heat exchanger installation will be done with precision and professionalism. We are happy and excited to work with new customers because we feel confident that these relationships will turn into long-standing partnerships with geothermal energy projects.
Geothermal heat unit
Geothermal heat unit
Geothermal heat unit

  • Consulting/Feasibility Studies
  • Site Visits & Permitting
  • Heat Loss Studies & Equipment Sizing
  • Geothermal Ground Heat Exchanger Design
  • Formation Thermal Conductivity Testing
  • Geothermal Drilling & Loop Installation
  • Site work – Excavation Services
  • Thermally Enhanced Grouting
  • Fusion & Headering Services & Design
  • Pressure Testing – Flow Testing
  • Purging & Charging Services

Our vast experience in geothermal installation projects has provided us with a wealth of experience and expertise. We have encountered and overcome challenges on the most challenging sites and circumstances. Put our experience in geothermal installation to work for you.

Wragg Well Drilling has worked on hundreds of geothermal installations in Northeast, including municipal & medical buildings, museums, libraries, fire houses, new construction residential, and residential retrofits. While it would be prohibitive to list our entire project list, here are a few sample projects that demonstrate the size and scope of our geothermal & well drilling services:

Residential Retrofit
Redding, CT.
Closed Loop Geothermal System featuring (3) Geothermal Bores with 1.25” U-bends. 8 tons.

New Horse Stable Facility
New Canaan, CT.
Closed Loop Geothermal System featuring W-W Radiant Zones & Water to Air.

Dutchess County Dept of Public Works
Highway Facility Poughkeepsie, NY.
(24) Geothermal Bores to 499’ with 1.25” U-bends.

History Museum
Sleepy Hollow, NY.
(16) Geothermal Bores to 440’ with 1.25” U-Bends and Thermally Enhanced Grout.

Estate Property
Stanfordville, NY.
(15) Geothermal Bores to 415’ with 1.25” U-Bends and Formation Thermal Conductivity Testing.

Residential Retrofit
New Fairfield, CT.
Three Ton Water to Air Ground Source Heat Pump Unit with (1) Geothermal Bore & 1.25” U-bend.

New Residential Construction
Patterson, NY.
18 Ton Geothermal System with 6 Water to Air Units. (8) Geothermal Wells to 375’.

Residential Retrofit
Greenwich, CT.
15 Tons GSHP Units. Closed Loop System featuring (8) Geothermal Bores to 325’ & 3” Close Header.

New Construction
Stamford, CT.
Closed Loop Geothermal System Featuring (8) Geothermal Wells to 425’ with 1.25” U-Bends.

Condo Complex
New Milford, CT.
Geothermal System featuring 3” S-R Lines. 60 Ton Capacity System.

Renovation Project
New Canaan, CT.
Closed Loop Geothermal System featuring (5) Geothermal Wells to 420’ & 1.25” Ubends. Custom Features include pool heating & radiant zones.

Vacation Property
Westerly, RI.
Closed Loop geothermal system featuring Water to Water Radiant Zones & Water to Air Units. (4) Geothermal bores to 450’ with (2) Headers.

Residential Renovation/Geothermal Retrofit
Darien, CT.
11 Ton System - Closed Loop Geothermal featuring (4) geothermal bores to 350’ & 2” S-R Header.

Residential Geothermal Retrofit
Columbia, CT.
5 ton System with (2) Closed Loop Geothermal Bores with 1.25” U-bends.

Museum Facility
Providence, RI.
Closed Loop geothermal System with Water-to Water Units. (9) Geothermal Wells to 400’.

New Residential Construction
Bolton, CT.
Closed Loop Geothermal system featuring (5) geothermal bores to 350’ from surface.

Municipal Building
Town of New Canaan, CT.
Closed Loop Geothermal System for Art Museum.

Estate Property
Pound Ridge, NY.
Geothermal Systems for Gymnasium & Estate Property featuring (12) Geothermal Wells.

Estate at Spectacle Lake
Kent, CT.
New Construction.Closed Loop Geothermal System featuring (9) Geothermal Bores with 1.25” U-bends.

Residential Retrofit Project
Glastonbury, CT.
8 Ton Geothermal System featuring (3) closed loop geothermal wells.

New Residential Construction
Westport, CT.
10 Ton Closed Loop Geothermal System featuring (4) Closed Loop Geothermal Wells.

Municipal Facility
Sherman, CT.
Geothermal System for Fire House featuring (10) Geothermal Wells.
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